History of the company

From May 2009 to August 2012 the company supplied oil and gas equipment, and from September 2012 started a new type of activity, namely overhaul and drilling of oil and gas wells.

The first well was No. 21 of the Karaikozovsky oil and gas condensate field, where the cattle was conducted in 2012 for OOO Esko-Pivnich.
Its activities as a service company USBK-1 began using the leased mobile drilling rig Salzgitter EA-620 produced in Germany. МБУ EA-620 with diesel drive is designed to perform the full volume of technological operations while drilling, developing and repairing oil and gas wells.
After the company acquired a mobile drilling rig ZJ-30 (China) with a load capacity of 160 tons. Over 5 years of activity, the company has expanded and now has 5 mobile drilling rigs ready for work.
In 2016, the company purchased a mobile drilling rig ZJ40 (carrying capacity 225 tons).

The most ambitious project in the performance of USBK-1 was the drilling of a directional well with a depth of 3380 m (well No. 5 of the Vasischevsky GCM) in 2014-2015.